by Preston Pysh | 1 January 2016

As the US Stock market closed down for the year in 2015, there's one question on everyone's mind: will the stock market crash in 2016.

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Character Traits of Successful Value Investors

by Christoph Wolf | 22 December 2015

One of the forum's top contributors, Christoph Wolf, teaches investors about the critical character traits that are common among super investors.

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The Investing Checklist

by Anaximander | 14 November 2015

One of the forum's top contributors, Anaximander, teaches investors why a checklist is so important to filter results and account for biases.

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by Stig Brodersen | 15 October 2015

Although I'm a huge value investor, I stretch my comfort level and talk to Jack Vogel about his hybrid investing approach. Jack is a "quant" investor that uses decades of back testing to try new strategies that combine value and momentum investing.

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What is the Upside?

by Preston Pysh | 2 October 2015

As an enormous bear, I've been activily seeking bull investors that can quantify the upside to the current market conditions. This post is my response to what I've been hearing.

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Measuring Portfolio Performance: The Sharp Ratio and Sortino Ratio for Value Investors

by Stig Brodersen | 1 October 2015

How do you measure the performance of your portfolio? Warren Buffett simply looks at the change in his net income and the change in his equity from year to year. Others use a thing called the Sharp Ratio. In this article, Stig talks to investing expert Wesley Gray.

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How to play the oil rebound in 2015

by Stig Brodersen | 26 September 2015

With oil prices sinking deeper by the day, is it a good time to enter the market? Stig talks with oil expert, Morgan Downey, to discuss the risks and oppertunities.

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Billionaire Ray Dalio’s Interview on Bloomberg on 16 September 2015

by Preston Pysh | 17 September 2015

Last night, Billionaire Ray Dalio conducted an hour long interview on Bloomberg. The information he shared was very valuable and I've tried to capture a few of the high-points for people to read.

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Stock Market Crashes, Helicopters, and Air Pumps

by Preston Pysh| 7 September 2015

What in the world do helicopters, air pumps, and stock market cycles have in common. In this blog post, you catch a glimpse of Preston's thoughts using unique examples and stories.

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I love the Efficient Market Hypothesis – and you should too!

by Stig Brodersen | 4 September 2015

As a professor of finance, many might assume Stig is a natural lover of the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH). Although he might love the theory, it's not for the reasons most professors might think.

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